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Do you do fixed-price work?

Yes, depending on the problem. We'll talk it through, and if you'd prefer a fixed price we're happy to quote, on a reasonable endeavours basis.

I'm outside your area - will you still come out to me?

Usually yes, but we'll need to agree some travel time costs - give us a ring, and we can talk options.

Do you repair hardware too?

For desktop/tower PCs, they're designed to have parts replaced fairly easily, so we can usually source replacements and fit them for you. Modern laptops are notoriously fiddly and risky to take apart, apart from the screen, keyboard, memory and hard drive - so whilst we may be able to tell you what the problem is, sometimes we won't be able to repair it ourselves - but we can advise on options.

My website is already being run by someone else. Will you take it on?

Yes, absolutely! We're more than happy to take it on as it is, maintain it, and/or rewrite and improve it. Give us a call to discuss what you're looking for.

I want a website, but I'm no good with computers. Isn't it complicated?

It doesn't need to be! We can get you online really quickly, for less than you think, using your existing logos, adverts, words - or just by having a chat about your business. We pride ourselves on making it simple - so do talk to us, how ever much you hate computers!

Will you take my computer away to fix it?

Sometimes, yes. If there are time consuming tests to do, we don't want you paying for us to sit there (and we don't want to sit there waiting either!) - so we take it away, and set the tests up to complete whilst we watch Eastenders/Brookside/Coronation Street(delete as appropriate) and then we return it fully working. This saves you money.

Will I lose any of my data (photos, documents etc.)?

No - this is very unlikely. Backups are ESSENTIAL for every PC - so we always advise on backups, and ideally you need to be confident you've got a backup, just in case. If not, then you may need us to provide a backup device for a reasonable price, and then run the backup for you.




PC/Laptop Repairs

Repairs, upgrades, advice - whatever your IT question, we can help

Photo Scanning Service

Photo, negative and slide scanning + Photo repair - protect and share your important memories!

Expert Advice

All things techy, including shopping around for insurance, setting up a home network or buying a new laptop

Family Online Safety

Secure your internet gadgets
for all your family

Website Design

We'll work with you to get you or
your business online quickly

Virus Removal
& Security

Important protection
for your computer

Family Email

Personalised email addresses
for your family
e.g. john@smithfamily.me

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