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Grove Geeks

Your local, friendly IT support - for families and small businesses.

"We geek so you don't have to!"



Technical "expert at your shoulder"

We can help you buy your new laptop, PC, tablet, backup drives etc. - talking you through the jargon, and ensuring you don't get bamboozled and ripped-off by all the techy-talk...

We can even literally be at your shoulder when you brave PC World!

Bargain hunting

To get the best deals and save the most money, it's important to know how to use the internet to find some of the best deals - whether it's for your home broadband, car insurance, energy supplier or anything else. It's sad but true - customers aren't rewarded for their years of loyalty any more....so we can help you quickly shop around online.



PC/Laptop Repairs

Repairs, upgrades, advice - whatever your IT question, we can help

Photo Scanning Service

Photo, negative and slide scanning + Photo repair - protect and share your important memories!

Expert Advice

All things techy, including shopping around for insurance, setting up a home network or buying a new laptop

Family Online Safety

Secure your internet gadgets
for all your family

Website Design

We'll work with you to get you or
your business online quickly

Virus Removal
& Security

Important protection
for your computer

Family Email

Personalised email addresses
for your family
e.g. john@smithfamily.me

Wantage Football

We are proud to sponsor
Wantage Girls Football!

Hanney Football

We are proud to sponsor
Hanney Youth Boys Football!