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FAQs (cont.)

Will you ask me to switch it off and on again?

Yes, we might - if you've not tried that already, it's definitely worth a go!
But seriously - we're here to help, and we go through a diagnostic approach which ensures we try the simple things first, moving on to the more complex and time-consuming options. We like to problem-solve quickly, both for you and us!

Which is faster? The Millenium Falcon, or the USS Enterprise?

USS Enterprise - no contest.

My FAQ isn't here? What do I do?

Give us a call......it's not been asked frequently enough to make it on here yet. But who knows, it might soon.....but it won't if you don't call us!




PC/Laptop Repairs

Repairs, upgrades, advice - whatever your IT question, we can help

Photo Scanning Service

Photo, negative and slide scanning + Photo repair - protect and share your important memories!

Expert Advice

All things techy, including shopping around for insurance, setting up a home network or buying a new laptop

Family Online Safety

Secure your internet gadgets
for all your family

Website Design

We'll work with you to get you or
your business online quickly

Virus Removal
& Security

Important protection
for your computer

Family Email

Personalised email addresses
for your family
e.g. john@smithfamily.me

Wantage Football

We are proud to sponsor
Wantage Girls Football!

Hanney Football

We are proud to sponsor
Hanney Youth Boys Football!